Kids just want to have fun...

Footgolf is one of the best ways to engage kids of all abilities in a fun, outdoor activity.

Having been stuck at home for the best part of a year, why not get them out in the fresh air and burning off some pent-up energy?  With enough notice, we can cater for almost any party size and we offer many types of Footgolf-party package to suit your group size, ability level and of course budget. Parents can play along or sit and have a coffee and a snack while their older kids play the course (see restrictions) or with enough notice and an additional fee, a qualified member of our staff can escort the party around the course helping and showing them how to play.

Whilst we understand that giving your kids the freedom to play and enjoy outdoor activities alone is important, we do have some necessary age restrictions for the course due to a number of water hazards. Therefore, any group of players containing anyone under the age of 12 must also contain at least one appropriate adult.

To Book, or if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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